The Alabama Chess Federation (ACF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and the United States Chess Federation affilliate for the state of Alabama. Our goal is to promote chess in this area for the benefit of all Alabama players. Toward that end, we provide advertising and other assistance for rated tournaments, as well as support for scholastic chess programs around the state. Bylaws and other significant ACF documents are available in our online archive.

Officers & Staff:

Scholastic VP:William
Director of Public Relations & USCF Alt. Delegate:Michael
Education VP:Nancy
Antics Editor:Scott
Acting Webmaster: Neil
Web Content Manager:Neil
Tournament Reports & Calendar Editor:Caesar
Membership Administrator:Jonathan
USCF Delegate:Gerald Larson

Membership Information:

Any individual may become a Regular Member upon the payment of annual dues of $10.00. Regular Members may receive special publications or notices from ACF as they are issued. Any individual registered in kindergarten through the twelfth grade of a school located in the State of Alabama may become a non-voting Scholastic Member by payment of annual dues of $10.00. Scholastic Members may receive special student publications or notices from ACF as they are issued. Any organized group of chess players may become an Affiliate upon the payment of annual dues of $25.00 and the filing of an Affiliate Information Form with the Secretary of ACF.

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